Alicia Forester

Alicia Forester


My grandmother taught me that the secret of good gardening is focused and informed attention. My first garden as an adult was in Muir Beach in 1979 and what a thrill it was to see local plants flourish and blossom. When my neighbors saw what I had created in my garden they asked me to do my magic in their gardens. I loved it and wanted to know more. I took classes, specialized trainings, got my license and started Forester Landscaping in 1985. I have used organic practices from the beginning.

I am Master Gardener trained and Bay-Friendly Certified. With a life-long passion for gardening, I am attuned to the aesthetic properties and potential of each garden, be it modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. I am particularly knowledgable about low-maintenance and low-water use gardening.

My staff is experienced in the fine pruning and plant care that maintains a vibrant garden.

Horticultural Consultant
Marin Master Gardener
Bay-Friendly Certified
Award Winner, San Francisco
      Landscape Show
Licensed Contractor #698060